Name: Borbalzuk, Lord of Toil, The Slavemaster

Played By: Masteroffates

Alignment: LE

Domains: Metal (Progress), Domination (Slavery)

Description: A cruel, selfish god, Borbalzuk takes the form of a muscular, bronze-skinned man with a handsome face with a golden goatee, and a bald head. He typically is shown wielding finery from the waste down, and fine sandals, but completely bare-chested, and carrying a spear in one hand and a handful of chains in the other, which are clenched around the necks of thin, starving men. His symbol is gold four-pointed sun surrounded by a circle of barbs.

Goals: Borbalzuk would essentially be Kodeck's antithesis, and so Kodeck would be his progenitor. I don't know if they Bor would be his brother, son, or just a dark concept that entered his mind but took a form of its own, but the two would undoubtedly despise each other. Borbalzuk would embody selfish greed and domination, and a need to increase one's own power through forced labor; thus, he would most likely create some new race, probably in the desert, that would capture members of other races and force them into slavery, so that their own empire might grow.