Name:Esser,the Steward of the Boundaries That Define Our Universe

Played By: AgentIndy

Alignment: Lawful Neutral, in a completely alien manner

Domains:Reality(Boundaries), Tinkering(Improvement)

Description: Esser is not a mercurial being. He is a being of boundaries, and only crossing those set boundaries to construct better boundaries. He serves as the limiting force for expansion of the universe. Anything that wants in or out of the universe usually needs his permission. He takes the form of a dark skinned man wearing silver armor. 

Esser seems unusually interested in things, despite his domain being the farthest from anything that could possibly exist. He seeks to modify, and insert improvements into things that aren't his. He can make his own things, but he'll keep modifying them until they aren't even recognizable as the original after a while. Goals: Keep the Universe together, Construct strange new things, mess with other gods in a playful way, Create a race in his image, keep improving things for no discernible reasons