Name: Fyrador, The Two-Faced One, Lord of Death.

Played By: Mynxae.

Alignment: Neutral Evil.

Domains: Trickery (Confusion), Death (Accidents)

Description: Fyrador is a tall individual with a mask covering his face that changes reflecting his emotions, himself only being able to experience heights of emotions. So therefore, when he's happy, a large grinning mask will appear. When angry, a scowl of rage. He wears a long black cloak that hides his body from everyone else so that he can better hide in the shadows, watching and learning, ready to confuse his opponents to the point of insanity.

Goals: He believes in causing confusion and chaos amongst any that he knows of. He prefers to stand alone so that he may further his confusion, but will join with others if he absolutely needs to. He wishes to control the lives of every being, be they living or dead, by trickery and deceit. And those he cannot control, he murders from the shadows or causes them to go utterly insane.