Current Dieties:Edit

The information on these tables comes directly from the OOC thread.

Diety Name Player Name Divine Rank Domains (Portfolios) Infusions Alignment Progenitor
Mauhir AvocadoAvenger Fledgeling Diety Conflict (Brutality), Fighting (Superiority) 1/2 NN The Creator
Perit le Bicoad, Lord of Science, The Knowledge Seeker Lizard Lord Fledgeling Diety Knowledge (Science), Time (Future) 0/2 NN The Creator
Varok Tarren Fledgeling Diety Water(Ice), Nature(Animal Life), Nature (tundra) 0/2 NG The Creator
Settamentipazzottore, the Madgod, the Hivemind, Harbinger of insanity Halftangible Fledgeling Diety Madness (Evil), Insanity (Psychics), Madness (Primordial) 1/2 CE The Creator
Kodeck, The Stonelord mattsdelf Lesser Diety Earth (Subterranean), Honor (Hard work), Fire (magma), Life (The Orcs) 0/3 LN The Creator
Lloren, The Capricious Mage HearTheRequiem Fledgeling Diety Chaos (Whimsy), Magic (Illusion), Creation (Change) 0/2 CN The Creator
Esser,the Steward of the Boundaries That Define Our Universe AgentIndy Fledgeling Diety Reality(Boundaries), Tinkering(Improvement) 0/2 LN Kodeck, The Stonelord
Sarig Cloudsmeet Fledgeling Diety Progress (Inspiration), Sleep (Dreams) 0/2 CG The Creator
Nemeru, Alpha and Omega, The Eternal Return, Undoer-of-All, The Great Serpent huyche Fledgeling Diety Nature (Cycle of Life and Death), Destruction (Entropy) 0/2 NN The Creator
Svaldyraz, the Alljudge, The One Not Spoken Of DukeGod Fledgeling Diety Justice (Judging), Death (Undead) 0/2 NN Nemeru, Alpha and Omega, The Eternal Return, Undoer-of-All, The Great Serpent
Fyrador, The Two-Faced One, Lord of Death Mynxae Fledgeling Diety Trickery (Confusion), Death (Accidents) 0/2 NE The Creator
Krieerk kopout Fledgeling Diety Technology (Machinery), Civilization (Industrialization) 0/2 LN

The Creator

Jongo, Lord of the Deep hipho Fledgling Deity Sea (The Depths), Sea (Life) 0/2 LN Varok
Kerska, Lord of Fire and Darkness, The Shapeshifter, Hunter of the Sun and Moon Falconer Fledgling Deity Desire (Covetousness), Darkness (Secrets) 0/2 CN Settamentipazzottore, the Madgod, the Hivemind, Harbinger of insanity
Borbalzuk, Lord of Toil, The Slavemaster MasterofFates Fledgling Deity Metal (Progress), Domination (Slavery) 0/2 LE Kodeck, The Stonelord

Dead Dieties:Edit

It is easier to have a list of dead dieties. Dead dieties' domains are fair game. A diety dies after 3 weeks of a player not posting in either the OOC or IC, as a gods power vanishes when it is forgotten. It's infusions continue to power whatever they where left on, their curses and blesses still work, and their concepts still exist.


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