Name: Kodeck, The Stonelord

Played by: Mattsdelf

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domains: Earth (Subterranean), Honor (Hard work)

Symbol: A warhammer inscribed in a circle.

Favored weapon: You guessed it! A warhammer and a Large steel kite shield.

Description: Kodeck stands about 6' 2", and appears mostly as what we would call a human male. He has broad shoulders, grey hair, tan skin always covered with a bit of dirt or coal from being in caves, White eyes that blend in with the part of the eye that is supposed to be white, and a cleft chin.

Goals: To make the underdark come to life, to create a society that can stand against the sands of time, to promote art and the shaping of stone, to encourage voluntary servitude among his subjects.

Personality: Kodeck believes that true happiness can only be found by working hard with little to no reward. He's not cynical, he thinks that if everyone took the time to do their best at everything they did, every art they craft, every act of kindness, and every service, the world would be beautiful. He likes it when people listen to him, and obey him when he asks them to do something the first time. He thinks that if you complain about a task you must do, even once, then you lose all 'good points' credit for having done it, because rather than a positive boon for the world, you have soiled it with negativity. He would be willing to take on great tasks, and revel in just being able to accomplish them, but he has little patience to deal with insubordination or chaos. If you make an enemy of him, you will be hard pressed to get him to like you, but once an ally, always an ally.