Name: Krieerk

Played By: kopout

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domains: Technology (Machinery), Civilization (Industrialization) Description: A humanoid figure seemingly cloaked in full plate. Closer examination revels a network of springs pistons and gears within rather than a flesh and blood creature. Krieerk is taciturn and methodical. Though not devoid of humor his wit is often dry, esoteric and sometimes strange. 

Krieerk's foloweres tend to be those who seek imporvement of socity or of themselvs. They are scientists, inventors and occasionally revolutionaries. Although it wold seam reasonable from a god of industry he doesn't force repression of individuality or free will, merely that those qualities be supplemented with an understanding of technology and the drive to invent and improve.

Goals: Giant mecha-cities striding over the land, steam- and magi- punk airships, and things stranger still. Also, kobolds.