Welcome to the Lords of Creation; Times for gods and mortals WikiEdit

This is a wiki for a message board game called Lords of Creation, A time for mortals, a time for gods. In this game, Each player plays a god, who has Action Points (AP), and can manipulate things on a world that starts blank. This wiki is intended to be used by players to make the game less confusing.

Why have a wiki?Edit

This game was started by AvocadoAvenger, and Mynxae after many of us had fun in another Lords of Creation game that we had played together. It is useful to have a Wiki so that we can have everything in one place. In our last game, people forgot things, and skipped rules, and broke rules accidentally. It is hard to keep track of every concept, and every bless/curse, and nobody was really expected to previously. By having a wiki, players can just look something up when they are confused.



Latest activityEdit

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Loc map 1.7

Loc Map 1.5