Name: Mauhir

Played by: AvocadoAvenger

Alignment: True Neutral

Domains: Conflict (Brutality), Fighting (Superiority)

Description: Mauhir looks like a female version Roman or Spartan warrior. She wears leather armor with a breastplate over it and padded skirts. On her, she carries a shield and spear across her back, and a shortsword at her waist. Because Mauhir hates physical weakness, she is, herself at the peak of physical perfection, with a very tone and muscular body.

Goals: She believes in war, the spoils should go to the winner, and that that winner should be the physically superior species. Mauhir condones violence, and is true neutral because she would take any means, be it good, evil, chaotic, or lawful, to promote violence. She intends to challenge other gods physically and call them out on their weaknesses, make an island warrior people fond of pillaging and reaving, and use colosseums to bring violence to civilized people.