Name: Nemeru, Alpha and Omega, The Eternal Return, Undoer-of-All, The World Serpent

Played By: huyche

Alignment: True Neutral

Domains: Nature (Cycle of Life and Death), Destruction (Entropy)

Holy Symbol: A serpent eating its own tail

Description: Nemeru's true form is that of a great serpent that wound its coils around this primordial world. Were it to tighten its grip, or loosen its coils, the world would cease to be. 

However, When manifesting before fellow deities or its faithful, Nemeru takes upon a less astounding form of a humanoid speaker cloaked in tattered robes, a snake slithering around its arm and peeping from under the hood. Upon closer inspection it becomes evident that the being's lips stay motionless, almost as if the snake does the talking.

Nemeru is a course of death, decay, life, growth locked in an eternal state of repeating and re-repeating itself. A promise of renewal, but also the inevitability of an end for all things. A balancing force to the world, a keeper of equilibrium with boundless creation. And, in future, the promise of rebirth to its most devoted.

Goals: Preservation of the Cycle. Plain and simple. 

Possible future goals: Enlightenment of mortal races to the necessity of the Balance.