Name: Perit le Bicoad, Lord of Science, The Knowledge Seeker

Played by: Lizard Lord

Alignment: True Neutral

Domains: Knowledge (Science), Time (Future)

Description: Perit's physical form is that of a scrawny, timid looking, bald man with a white coat, a long and narrow nose, and writing material that is always up to date with the technological age. In the stone age it shall be a tablet and chisel. Should technology advance enough it will be a clipboard and paper. Perit believes strongly in the pursuit of knowledge and curiosity, sometimes even at heavy costs. 

Goals: Perit wishes for his people to learn and experience on their own, but he is also an impatient god and pushes his people into learning faster and the future that he sees for the world. He is always pushing for a grand future. He also has a penchant for experimentation and can often be distracted from his primary goal by trying things just to try them.

However, while Perit's own actions may seem wild and whimsical, he demands more decorum from his followers. He will create proper procedures for his people to experiment and encourage them not to take shortcuts to knowledge, not to blindly trust what they are told, and find things out the hard way. However, due to his impatient nature he is prone to planting the building blocks for grand science and knowledge into the minds of certain mortals. He would then encourage others to test his Chosen's theories so that they may learn of them on their own.