Name: Sarig, the Dreamer, the Dream Shepherd.

Played By: Cloudsmeet

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domains: Progress (Inspiration), Sleep (Dreams)

Description: Sarig appears as a healthy male, cross-legged and eyes closed in a seemingly eternal sleep. He wears naught but a loincloth, and his skin is luminescent. He only ever speaks directly into his worshiper's minds and dreams, and it is said that he will only ever wake in a future time of great crisis.

Goals: Sarig is a benevolent guide, directing his flock to better themselves through dreams and flashes of inspiration. He supports scientists, inventors, philosophers, tacticians and other thinkers, even if he does not directly control the relevant portfolios. His goal is a society of free-thinkers, the generation of thoughts and ideas. He intends to work well alongside the gods Perit and the yet-to-appear god of Artifice, while he looks likely to oppose Settamentipazzottore on principle (not being a fan of all the turn everyone into a single hive-mind stuff).

Portfolios that he is looking to expand to:

Night (Moon) Water (Tides) Freedom (Thought)? Philosophy and the arts stuff.