Name: Settamentipazzottore, the Madgod, the Hivemind, Harbinger of insanity

Played By: HalfTangible

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Domains: Madness (Evil), Insanity (Psychics)

Description: Setta is the glitch, the madness, that which has no explanation. It is a malevolent hive-mind that bends the thoughts of all it touches, has no physical form of its own and exists as a consciousness, spread across many minds in the universe. It connects and joins these minds together and bends the thoughts and desires of mortal men to it's whims. To know the full name of the Madgod is to doom your mind to a slow descent into madness, and invite your own destruction. Only the gods themselves can know his name and not succumb to his evil.

If Setta truly requires a physical form, it takes direct control of a mortal mind and body, giving it untold psychic power, but dooming it to crumble to dust the moment Setta leaves.

Goals:  Short-term: Create the Madchildren so it actually has something to network it's mind through. Long-term: Take over the universe (OF COURSE!) and gather all beings into it's hive-mind.