Name: Svaldyraz, the Alljudge, The One Not Spoken Of

Played By: DukeGod

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domains: Justice (Judging), Death (Undead)

Description: Svaldyraz looks like a plain humanoid. He wears a tattered grey cloak that used to be black, and chains are wrapped around him. He curly black hair that goes to his neck and wears a blindfold. Blue ghost-fire sometimes shows as his eyes, ignoring the blindfold alltogether. In times of war he is known to appear in bloodstained, broken plate armor and carrying a executioner's sword

Svaldyraz tries to work out conflicts. Despite being the impartial judge he is by no means without emotion. He does not keep a single way of judging. His rules are known to change. This has caused among some mortals the idea that merely speaking of him may change the scale he keeps on you but that is pure nonsense. He is a bit of a tyrant, he tries to do as he believes just and fair. He can back away if it doesn't go that way, but he may also use his powers to force his way. His domain over the Undead may seem weird, but when one realizes that for some it can be a blessing, and for others a curse, it makes some sense. He either rewards or punishes with undeath, and the undead as he sees fit. While some may contest on other areas, absolutely no one argues, over this area

Goals:Svaldyraz so far displayed no concerns over anything. He tries to keep a semblance of balance in the world, and his family together. However, he seems to be secretly plotting, trying to find a way to claim a new domain to himself without interference from anyone else, hopefully without anyone even noticing it